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Originally Posted by majortiraomega View Post
meh, this thread is elitism at it's finest. Until now I had never even heard of such a channel. If you are to the point where you become obsessed with your "DPS", you really need to take a step back into reality. Reread for a moment, this thread is advertising a chat channel that only allows players with 5k DPS or more. The only point I'd see in such a channel would be for bragging rights, or for creating a master "List of people that will oneshot themselves when firing on a science vessel max specced in feedback pulse"...
Personally like the DPS-5000 channel because it's an invite-only channel for people that score a "decent" amount of DPS. The definition of "decent" being that they can at least be relied upon to pull their weight in any given mission.

I honestly don't mean any insult, but there are lots of players that just don't get game mechanics and/or are too casual/unable to practice mission "procedures". And while I know many of these people and am close friends with them, and still happily run missions with them, there are times where I just want to login, get my Game On, and blow up pixels. I got dailies to do and possibly limited time to do it... I don't want to mess around with sloppy play where an Infected run takes 14-20mins and might blow the Optional.

Cue DPS-5000 Channel. All those are "guaranteed" to take 5-10mins and the people know how to run them "professionally" (I don't have to "waste" even more time explaining the steps).

So to me it's more convenience than Elitism.

That being said, within an acceptable parameter of imperfection, I do like to master game mechanics and try to min/max my builds, and I like others that do too. It's one of the things that makes the game fun.

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...Incidentally how does one go about getting a 5k and 11k invite, got at least 3 builds that should qualify for both.
I got my 5k invite purely by serendipitous fortune, some time ago. I was playing through an ISE mission with some people from the PublicEliteSTF channel and it went swimmingly well. We were all so impressed/happy that the five of us carried on to complete CSE and KASE too. When finished, one of the players offered us an invite to the channel (they had been parsing the missions, IIRC).

As for the 11k, that just happened for me two days ago. I saw in 5k that they were testing for invites and I had a build that I was pretty sure could make 10-12k so I asked for a go. Got 16.2k DPS out of my A2B Excel during that qualifier run.

When XP earnings during a Double-XP Weekend still feel like I'm underperforming,
there's something terribly wrong with the reward system...

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