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[6:06] [System] [TicketCreated] Successfully submitted ticket ID #2,006,613.

When I beamed down to New Romulus Command today the game decided that my Romulan Republic costume wasn't cool and auto-switched me to one of my other costumes (KDF Alliance). I immediately went to the tailor and found that I could edit the Republic costume but couldn't switch to it (I could click the 'Wear' button but it wouldn't take). So I saved it, created a new outfit, loaded that save and accepted. I could wear the new costume but still couldn't switch to the original.

I exited STO and force verified the files. When I logged back into the game I found that not only was the original Republic costume still borked, but the KDF Alliance costume was borked as well (I couldn't wear either). So two of my original three created costumes are unusable.

I'll be submitting another bug report specifically for the KDF Alliance costume parts, as there are some other issues with those.