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09-23-2013, 03:33 PM
Lesson here is simple, NPC D'D are and have been devastating if you get with in 5km range of them (big time no, no). Your friend against D'D is any sort of spam clean up ability, some kind of an AOE effect that last a short duration or an "Oh sh...!" button (Particle Burst Photonic Shockwave). Another very helpful tool with the D'D is Science Team (cleanse Viral Matrix/Photonic Shockwave and Shield Heal to heal with heavy torps). I use to run with Science Team and the D'D was a real no issue, then I got into end game content, focused on TT1+TSS since Sci Team shared a CD TT1 and when the Rom Rep it all of a sudden I noticed that if I got to close to the D'D I was in real trouble.

The D'D is not a push over, sometimes you just have the counters without even realizing it, like Science Team.
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