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09-23-2013, 06:19 PM
I have all 3 consoles from the pack on my bird, not for the Pulse weapon, but for their individual abilities. Cloaked Barrage is incredibly useful, as is the console to generate a second set of shields (they will save your life on more than one occasion), and being able to keep your shields up when cloaking makes it ideal for quickly dropping agro, and you are incredibly maneuverable while cloaked, plus you get the +damage boost after decloaking.

With these 3 consoles, your turn rate will be about 14. With the fleet +rcs consoles it will be about 14.7. Ditch them and get the + hull hp instead.

Trade your beam banks for heavy cannons (Polaron and stick with the Jem Shields and Engines for the +polaron dmg boost until you get Adapted MACo shields and engines, then swap to plasma DHC's) and change your ships power distribution from Balanced to Weapons (those little bar graphs near your shield indicator on the task bar).

Boffs; Get a Saurian with the rare Efficient space trait, a Human with Leadership, D'vex from the last mission in one of the Rom series (he buffs a lot of tactical skills), a Romulan and a Reman. The Rom and Rem offer +dmg and +def after decloaking.

Doffs; Get 3 torp recharges. Green is "adequate", blue is better and purple (expensive) but ideal.