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09-23-2013, 08:22 PM
Lol, if I was living with my parents, how would I have bought a $300 lifetime membership?
I actually own three different companies, a film production company, a visual effects studio and a company that provides stunt work to films.

Poor people crying about not getting free stuff are so hilarious!

Oh and, Mattysp911 and givearandomname are most certainly the same person, exact same run-on sentence structure and similar personal attacks posted only 45 min. from each other. OP, it's sad when people have to fake a conversation between two people to be taken seriously.
lets see the proof I can say I am president of united states and a billionaire doesn't make it true with no proof.

As for mattysp911 you can think were the same all you want I don't know him never have. sad little trolls are funny they want to argue about anything. I don't need to post with another account to be taken seriously enough people are already complaining about same thing which give is validity.

And to finish this arguement as I am done with this thread i dont need to argue with a child. what's sad is little kids like yourself needing to troll threads that have nothing to do with them or should even be concerned with

do you feel like a big man now? I hoped I was able to help you feel more like a man by letting you show how big you are on the internet.

your posts alone clearly implies your a 14 year olf fat kid sitting in moms basement a person who owns 3 companies would't have the time to even care whats being posted in this thread.

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