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Originally Posted by taylor1701d View Post
I Still think you want the best of both worlds, which is not practical, or fair for that matter.
At one point you will have to settle on the skill that has more advantage to your build.
It sucks but thats life..
kind of hard to have it both ways when you cant swap doffs wile in combat. FAW isn't some perfect i win button, not even close. im still doing more damage with cannons and CRF.

this is getting dull. at the cost of a hugely impotent active roster slot, beams can have the same functionality cannons have for free. get perspective, this is not scandalous.

Originally Posted by taylor1701d View Post
Unfortunatly, there is a downside to every skill.

Who would use BO, if FaW could target a single really.
theres no downside to skills, they all do something positve for you. the only skill that takes wile it gives is AtB, and since doffs were released that ballanced itself out fairly well.

who would still use BO? every escort in pvp.

Originally Posted by admiralandy View Post
Well i belive that if facing just one opponent that's what you get, FAW still works but focused on one target, with firing more rapidly.
pvp is a 5v5. its not realistic to ever expect a good 1v1 opportunity.
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