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You need to prove that this is true. For instance, in space, my Adv Fleet Plasma DHC's have a lower DPS value than my quads. That's just for example. You'd actually need to see the entire ACC/CritH/CritD/DAM profile and have a firm grip on the targets defense to make any real calculations. Except actually we don't because of the set bonus. But why be sloppy?

I'm not sure that you understand min/maxing. I believe you are confusing it with stacking. Actual min/maxing is a bit more involved. (Again just for sake of not being sloppy. We don't actually need to do much calculating here.)

For instance Damage Mods. Those contribute to every hit you make. Everyone of them. Including your crit damage. I think you're overlooking that aspect of that mod. (Still doesn't matter, but still let us be tidy!)

Plus Quads boost all plasma energy damage. It increases weapons training. Therefore all incremental damage added by my quad bonus is a direct result of mounting them. So at LEAST plus ten percent to all energy weapon output. Just assuming 2 additional fore mounted energy weapons, whatever they may be, that is an additional 20% of...something.

I'm not sure what that something is, but I think 20% of it would be significant. I mean tooltip shows the quads as being greater in DPS than the DHC's. So it is hard to think they actually perform at LESS than 80% of a DHC.

Anyway, outside of the set bonus, you should never mix quads with DHC's. So in that aspect correct. Quads will significantly lower burst and overall damage done without the set bonus. Ideally they should be used with DC's and the set bonus.

Cheers and all that rot.
It's just the simple presence of what the other mods do for attacks compared to simple damage mods. Yes, Dmg mods increase the base dmg of everything. However:

Accuracy - Increase likeliness of hitting. This is of course, as you know, more of a PVP issue, but more hits = more damage landing. Even in PVE for instance, I hate it when my Beam Overload 3 misses

CritH - Increase likeliness of Critical Hits occurring, to score the big damage numbers we all love so much.

CritD - When Critical Hits occur, this increases the magnitude of the damage done. What's great is that DHCs have an inherent +10% CritD to them, something Quads don't.

If we're going PVE only, CritH and CritD, alone on even a Green, Uncommon quality DHC already gives an advantage. You will either be more likely to hit the Criticals, or make your Criticals hit that much harder, and even more so with a DHC with CritD mods (on top of the inherent CritD trait that all DHCs have). It only gets worse once you start throwing in Rare and Very Rare weapons, then you can have better combinations of Acc, CritH, CritD.

And again, non Quad weapons do not affect your Subsystem Power in the double fashion that Quads do. With non Quads, you can hit just as hard, or harder, and still keep all your Engine Subsystem Power, keeping all your desired speed and turn rates.