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09-24-2013, 12:34 AM
Looking at other ships none do this.

T1 you have the original Romulan BoP and the T'Varo refit. At T5 you get the T'Varo Retrofit. With no parts choice at all.
T2 you have the Dhelan and it's refit. At T5 you get the Dhelan. Refit parts if you own them and a few wing choices.
Same for Mogai, D'Deridex and Ha family (Haakona is a member).

A long time ago Cryptic tried to sell a skin for T5 ships, practically nobody purchased them so they where rolled into the Fleet System.

I'm sure the Fleet Ar'kif will have a Fleet skin for the Unique option but don't expect a 3rd model. Your never going to get Federation levels of customisation but you've already got better than the Klingons on most ships.
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