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09-24-2013, 07:35 AM
Originally Posted by solidneutronium View Post
You are right my character is completely destroyed on tribble.

You just want to complain right.

Here we have Cryptic actually listening and fixes things and people still complain.

Sometimes I feel sorry for Cryptic, only for a little bit though.
The complaints are to let Cryptic know that their fix has introduced new bugs. Maybe, it looks OK for your character. But take a look at the pictures people have posted in this thread:

In particular, the thighs look too wide in these two pictures:

The images you posted only show one character from the back. Try different angles, particularly from the sides. Try adjusting the slider for leg bulk. Try looking at other characters or boffs.

It seems that the scaling has changed on almost all the body proportions. It's not just that the head is smaller. The neck is thinner, the shoulders are wider, the arms are thinner, the torso is shorter and wider, and the hips are wider. If this change goes live as is, then players will have to manually readjust the proportions on all their female characters and boffs. And it's not just player characters and boffs that are affected: the proportions of female NPCs have changed too.

Also, note that there were actually two distinct complaints about female legs:

1. The calves on tight pants are too thin.
2. The thighs on non-TOS skirts are too thin.

I think in the previous discussions about female legs being too thin, the distinction between the above two complaints was not made explicit. Because there are actually two groups of players complaining about different things, the change may satisfy one group, but not the other.

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