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# 1 Falchion build advice.
09-24-2013, 09:19 AM
I recently hit max on my rommie engi captain and purchased the falchion, i really like it so far, I've done about 8 PvE's with it and plan to finish the Omega Rep projects, so keep that in mind. I'd like some advice on how to improve my build. I"m a strict PvE only person btw. Red Alert! Wall of text inbound! Deflector shields to maximum.

Fore Weapons: 4x Anti Proton Dual Cannos Mk XI [Dmg]x2 [Acc] Chroniton Torpedo Launcher Mk XII {Acc]x2 [Dmg]
Aft Weapons: 3x Chroniton Torpedo Launcher Mk XII [Acc]x2 [Dmg
Shield Array: Covariant Shield Array Mk XII [Cap]x2 [Pla}
Impulse Engines: Combat Engines Mk XI [Turn]
Singularity Core: Field Stabilizing Singularity [Tra]
Deflector Dish: Positron Deflector
Engineering Consoles: 4x Mk XI Very Rare RCS Accelerators
Science Consoles: Secondary Shields, 2x Mk XI Very Rare Shield Generators
Tactical Consoles: 3x Mk XII Very Rare Antiproton Mag regulator.
Hangar Bay: Skorpion Fighter pets.

As a side note, i'm going for a DPS/Tank mix, focusing on Shield Tanking and a high turn rate and weapon damage output. Thanks in advance