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Originally Posted by lordhavelock View Post
Well said.
Why wouldn't anyone be paying attention? It's been like two days since the last reply and it's linked in my signature!

As for if your complaint goes here? It's as good a place as any, though it's not an official thread, nor can I say if any Devs have/will visit, nor promise that any of the listed bugs will get fixed.

Do I require pix? JPGs are worth 1,000 TXTs as they say. lol Yeah, screenshots often help when dealing with visual issues. I would first gather info/details: What race/gender are your BOs, which uniform options do they have/don't have, etc. Take pix of the tailor with those options/missing options visible. Post them online, along with the other details and open a bug ticket in the game, get the ticket number.

For posting the pix online, I like imgur, myself, but please don't post the pictures directly in this thread, post links only.
...the paying attention part was more directed at cryptic than anybody here really....

Complaint? - Too strong a word for my taste, I threw it out there more of just to see if it was just me....fix or not I'm really indifferent, the bugs cryptic chooses to fix and not fix...I cannot find a rhyme or reason to it, so whatever....

Eh - they were recent purchases off the exchange, both female...the thing the caught my attention was "bare chest" option being the red blooded bubbling crokpot of male hormones that I am, I clicked it and saw it was KDF clothing as apposed to Fedie stuffs....
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