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Just like my thread in the Federation Secction i am also deciding which ship to buy as a Romulan. I already decided to buy the D?Deridex for my engineer and a Mogai (as a Cruiser Escort) and the Dhelan for my Tactical (2 ships to choose depending on the Mission ahead) but THen came the Scimitars and the Haakona for my Engineer and the new Tactical warbirds for the Tactical Officers. I still am preferring the D?Deridex just because i liked my captains version and its just an icon and i also think i take the Mogai and replace the Dhelan with the new Ar Kif

Please tell me if you would do anything different. BTW the Scimitars are relatively low on my whishlist because they are too big, the Pack is quite expensife (for packs i always go all or nothing) and they are Scimitars. No Pomulan should fly the Ship of the Traitor Shinzon