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# 1 D'deridex Build Critique
09-24-2013, 05:17 PM
Trying to squeeze more out of my eng-captained D'deridex, still keeping some versatility but boosting the offense enough to be respectable. Right now it only parses around 6k in ISE, and given all the insults thrown around here, clearly thats insufficient. (Plus its just really annoying when I end up teamed with some Tac Scimitar or Tac-FAW Regent and everything is dead, the mission is over in under 3 minutes and my contributions have been so pointless I may as well have leeched.)

RRW Kiva Andru

Unlisted are BOFFs which are 4 Romulan Operatives and 1 Reman Infiltrator, and DOFFs of 3 Technicians and a Gravimetric Sci.

And before people point out the obvious stuff like DEM+Marion or the Tachyokinetic console, I know of them, I'm just not spending that kind of real money on my imaginary starship. Maybe 10-15m at most. Similarly, I know I could go with Romulan or Fleet plasma beams, but is it really worth dropping 200k dil making the switch when I've already got Mk12 [acc]x2 [crth] disruptors?

So other than spending far too much money, what else can I do to make my DD more respectable?