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09-24-2013, 09:32 PM
Originally Posted by howtor View Post
i went with the Ar'kif and I am enjoying it. the only thing I am coming across getting used to is the Focused Singularity Beam cant activate anything or it will stop
What do you mean by this?

Activating any other abilities stops it? attacking with your cannons/torpedoes stops it? I'm looking forward to getting the ar'kif (using the lower tier version now), and the singularity beam sounds great, but I hadnt heard about these issues before.

To the OP:
I typically go with my ship choices based on appearance/aesthetics and RP value, being in an RP fleet - that said, the only two romulan republic ships that I really like the appearance of are the t'varo and ar'kif/ar'kala. I do have a nostalgic appreciation for the d'deridex, but I dont like the idea of using ex-imperial ships for my republic characters (which also counts out the t'varo for me, so I went with the ar'kif).