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09-24-2013, 09:44 PM
Nice vid, although those damage control doffs aren't too cheap.

I love my Haakona. I keep going between it and the T'varo. I just wish they gave it a universal ensign like the Odyssey and the Bortasqu.

The only time I use the guardian mode is if I feel I need more shield power like in CEE or if I happen to be the only one without -Th consoles. (seriously i have no idea why an eng in a cruiser would use -Th consoles, but they often do, leaving me to get agro for sneezing lol). Other than that I also stay in assault mode.

Also I find the caustic plasma weapons nice to use before getting any rep/fleet weapons. They're [acc]x2 which is nice when chasing down spheres ,lol, and they're free. You just have to not mind repeating The Last Stand quite a few times.

Cant wait to see you're next vid..they're always full of great info.