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Renim's DPS widget

with all the excitement about DPS suppression around here at the moment, here's a new toy to show what your actual DPS is in real time, rather then a match average. being dissatisfied by the non information ACT gives, i asked renim if he could make a tool that displayed real time DPS, thankfully he was able to make it no prob, and its got great functionality.

it reads the combat log, so you have to type /combat log 1 first to get it to work. it displays the DPS of anyone generating entries for it. you can display just you, just 1 person in particular, or everyone. from between 1 and 10 seconds, you can set it to display the average DPS in that time interval. great little toy, its especially interesting to see displayed DPS durring the first few seconds of an alpha strike, not just the DPS for your broad sides.
So I downloaded it and was wondering if there is any information on what the folllowing means:

aDPS bDPS and aDPS/bDPS ?
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