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09-25-2013, 03:08 AM
Took a break of this game, cause it was (eating) alot of money.

Now i saw the new update with romulan etc. I logged in..walked around then i notice that i wont enjoy the game unless i use real-life money.

Be honest, you need ships slots and inventory slots. Fleet modules to get end game ships etc. None of them are cheap.

Unless you farm Dil like 24/7 Sorry i don't want to spend my gaming experience in farming.
I feel pressure of PWE/Cryptic that i need to spend money on this game.

If i pay Zen items i feel cheated out cause i dint pay for LTS. And its so expensive...why are free to play games these days asking so high amount of money? I used to remember that free to play games that 50-80$/euro was like The most expensive item you can get.

Now prices are going beyond 100 - 10.000.

So long rant short, i am hesitant to play STO cause of the pressure of using real-life money in this game to get 100% enjoyment out of it.