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One thing I have to comment on and this is something you can only really see if you run the game on 3 monitors, there is a lot of unused space in this game. If you have an ultra wide set up you'll see that all the ships are bunched up on to parts of any social hub and it really does not look good. In sector space its a little different and I can agree that the ship models at say about a 10th the size they are now would probably look awesome, but what would that mean to travel time and distance? Here is a hint, try it in a type 10 shuttle.
Easily solved by increasing travel speed.

Honestly I would like to see a massively scaled universe that makes you feel "small", but at the same time maintain the same travel time.

So if you were to increase the scale of space by a factor 10, then you would increase the speed by a factor of 10 as well.