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09-25-2013, 04:25 AM
Lieutenant, alert Cryptic Command: we have engaged the Necro.

Apple1988, dont post in threads inactive for over a month. This one has been inactive for a month and a half. This thread is probably gonna get locked by an admin some minutes after my post.

As for what you said:
Nope, Rommies aren't P2W. I have a Fleet Mogai, grinded in like 5 days with EC --> Exchange --> Modules. But the Ha'feh I had before that was also doing one hell of a job.
My new Rommie is gonna get a Ha'apax, maybe I'll upgrade him to a Fleet D'deridex someday.
Its not about the ships, its about how you use them.
As for inventory, delol? I have the silver amount and always keep enough space in my inventory.
You really can't blaim Cryptic for an issue that is non-existing in my eyes.
With effort, you can get 100% enjoyment out of every ship. Just take some time to work around its nitpicks. It'll repay itself.
Not knowing something isn't a sign of stupidity, not asking is.
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