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09-25-2013, 06:23 AM
I got the ar'kif/ar'kala at t4 (commander rank?) as an alternative to using the D'deridex. I love the design of the tactical warbirds and the fact that they're "republic-made" instead of ex-imperial ships.

When I got to subadmiral 1, I chose to continue using my ar'kif instead of upgrading to the ha'apax/ha'nom/ha'feh, since none of those ships looked good to me. Really the only difference between my t4 ar'kif and the t5 ha'feh was that the ar'kif had one less rear weapon slot, less hull, no singularity overcharge ability, and had the universal lieutenant slot instead of a lieutenant commander tactical. The ha'feh also has an extra engineer console. The ar'kif has been working well for me even as a low tier ship for the content i'm doing.

Yesterday, at subadmiral 2 (rank 47), I decided to switch all of my gear over to the ha'feh I had purchased with my free ship unlock token, just to try it out. I did my traelus system daily mission with the ha'feh, and noticed something interesting...

Despite being a higher tier ship with more weapon slots, an extra singularity ability, and more tactical options, it took probably 25-30% longer for me to dispatch the enemy vessels on that mission than it would have taken in my ar'kif.

Statistically, there's no reason that I should have killed the enemies any slower, but the difference was not negligible - my ar'kif tore through those ships in seconds, while my ha'feh struggled with them.