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Originally Posted by dknight0001 View Post
Sad to say but you should of asked around Klingon Space or Qo'nos you would have been told don't do it and to come here for the reasons. Feds are the Haters and Noobs in this game, the Klingons are the helpful players.

You see the problem is they do work as advertised.

You purchased a chicken to get eggs, the problem is you wanted 10 eggs a day and the chicken only lays 1 a week.

There is no specified rate on these things. Much like Chickens are not guaranteed to lay at a set rate.

Please don't try to justify the devs actions. The adjustment to the drop rates was quite blatantly arbitrary (citing internal metrics doesn't cut the mustard) and we still have no word on whether or not the situation will be rectified.

Also, I think you have your analogies mixed up.

A more appropriate analogy would be that we purchased cows that produce more milk but the milk is of a lower quality (less EC, less commodities despite higher chance of collecting it). If you haven't done your homework, the drop table for commodities, ec, and contraband was adjusted by Cryptic and Borticus confirmed that it was adjusted. Did you bother to read any of Boricuse's replies in this thread?

Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post

First of all, Slaver pets have always only had a Chance of successfully pulling EC/Commodities with every 15-second cooldown on their Pillage ability.

* Before LoR = 1%
* After LoR = 2.5%

In a sample size of 30 minutes, that's 120 attempts to Pillage. The average number of successes would equal out to:

* Before LoR = 1.2
* After LoR = 3

As you can already see, the average number of successful Pillages did almost triple with the changes that came out with LoR. And we're looking at doubling it again, so that Slavers will more frequently return with prizes in-hand.

The big thing that changed to offset this increase in regularity, and to normalize Contraband intake, is the reward tables themselves. I'm not going to post the complete tables here, but I'll share a few details about what the old tables looked like vs the new ones, in general terms.

We examined the odds from both the old and new reward tables, combined with the old and new Pillage success rates, in order to determine the Average EC value a player could expect per 15-second Pillage attempt. Here are our findings:

Old Avg EC = 5.86 EC
New Avg EC = 12.61 EC

Old Avg EC = 120.41 EC
New Avg EC = 21.17 EC

Old Avg EC = 306.7 EC
New Avg EC = 96.71 EC

(For reference, standard commodities have an in-system defined value that we used for these calculations. For Contraband we used a market value of 20,000 EC, and all DS9 commodities are valued at 10,000 except Jevonite which is 25,000.)

Obviously, once we'd performed this analysis, we saw that the LoR reductions to periodic rewards were too harsh. We'd been aiming to give players a similar level of reward per Pillage, despite the Contraband reduction, and our analysis shows that we didn't hit that target. By fairly substantial margin, unfortunately.

As a result of this analysis, and in concert with the Success Rate increase mentioned above, we're looking at making changes to Slaver reward tables that will result in the following new Average EC figures:

Old Avg EC = 5.86 EC

Old Avg EC = 120.41 EC
PROPOSED = 133.65 EC

Old Avg EC = 306.7 EC
PROPOSED = 450.34 EC

Obviously the vast majority of those that have voiced concern in this thread, are particularly concerned with the rate at which Contraband can be gained using the Advanced and Elite versions of these pets. Although those figures are still going to be lower than they were pre-LoR, we are looking at increasing them slightly. As shown here:

no chance of Contraband (same as always)

Pre-LoR = 14.64% combined chance, for an average of 4
Post-LoR = 2.2% combined chance, for an average of 2
PROPOSED = 7.83% combined chance, for an average of 2

Pre-LoR = 10.92% combined chance, for an average of 4
Post-LoR = 2.45% combined chance, for an average of 2
PROPOSED = 8.84% combined chance, for an average of 2

As you can see, the chances of pulling in EC/Commodities are higher under the new drop table, but the average EC pulled under the new system is lower than under the old system. I gather from this that even with a higher chance of pulling in EC per 15 second cycle, you are getting less EC on average because if you add up all of the EC you're getting now, you'd still get more under the old system. So if we were to sum up how the old system and new system compare, less is more. That's why Borticus is proposing to raise the average amount of EC collected. However, he still hasn't addressed the crappy drop rate for the contraband.

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