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09-25-2013, 10:41 AM
Elachi weapons are a special kind of Disruptor, they are buffed by anything that Buffs Disruptors.

Elachi Turrets are a terrible idea. Why you ask, a turret that ignores shields sounds awesome.

Well you see every 100% shield breech locks out your other weapons for 5s. If your going to have a weapon ignore shields you want the biggest most powerful weapon you've got doing it. So Elachi Dual Heavy Cannons with Normal Disruptor Turrets or better yet Nanite Disruptor Turrets will be more successful.

Turrets fire more often than your DHC's so your likely hood of proccing a turret is higher.

I know Nanite weapons are expensive but your looking at Elachi weapons and Disruptor Coils so cost is already out the airlock.
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