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Originally Posted by deadspacex64 View Post
there's a tradeoff, that -40 counts for a lot, your fed or kdf ship has 40 more power to allocate, so cranking weapons high doesn't drain the other sub systems as much as it does a romulan ship. shields get bonuses to strength and resists at higher power levels, that counts for bleed through too.

to equal the output power of a fed or kdf for weapons, you're draining engines, which is bonus defense, shields which is resists, or aux which is heals. and no matter what you do, you're still going to be short somewhere compared to the other factions ships. even heals that give bonus resist are affected by aux power :\

everything is about power. the counter balance and one saving grace is the boffs with operative trait. and decloak +def you can actually run weap power a bit lower and rely on crits if you spec into the skill to get some extra bonuses. not perfect, but gives you a bit more leeway in adjusting power levels.
Unpossible! The forums assured me Romulans were flat out better than everything in every way!

Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
The only negative is that Scimitars still seem to take an oddly high amount of hull damage compared to other ships with exactly the same equipment setup. I know why my Scimitar doesn't tank well, and that's because I only run one armor console. I know I'm a mite squishy, so I play as such. But even with two armor consoles, for some reason it still seems to take more hull damage than my fleet defiant under the same circumstances and equipment. I even have the same accolades. It's odd, but manageable.
I've observed this as well. The Scim has better shield modifiers, more hull rating and better turn than my Sovereign, yet the Sovereign may as well be named the USS Highlander to see the borgs feeble attempts at bringing it down. The Scimitar in contrast seems to explode at a sneeze. I realize having 5 tactical consoles in addition to dual beam banks might and chaining beam fire at will might make the Spheres hate my Scim more than the Sovy (Hello chain-shield drain!) but it does feel pretty flimsy in general.

I'm finding out now I need the 2 piece bonus for the better turning, the better survival with secondary shields and the ability to keep shields up while cloaked, (which makes sense because when I cloak I go from 90% hull to 0 long after I've made my getaway) but investing $50 for two ships when I already have the tac scim and not getting the value of the three pack is a hard sell. As is having to shell out for some Valdore console and some Plasmic Leech console. If I had known shelling out this kind of cabbage was necessary just to get the Scimitar optimal I wouldn't have bothered.
I'm feeling this entire endeveur has been a waste and I might better have gotten the mogai.

I really don't feel like blowing so much more cash or farming dil for a year just to get one ship in top condition, so at this point I may just cut my losses and move on.