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i am not a fan of pets and spam, but beside the fact that its got a hanger its a nice escort with a unique station setup. with it, you can have top level EPtS, EPtE, and the LT eng has a ton of potential defensive and offensive uses. you could slot DEM there and run the DEM doof, AtS is a great heal and has a HOT doff to go with it, AtD is a great defensive and movement buff, and has a doff that increases its duration and adds energy damage resistance, and then theres the old favorite RSP, theres even a doff for that to increase its duration. its special console might suggest torps being a good thing to run instead of BO, but dont bother trying, you wont get anywhere with them, wile BO can be devastating, especially with the new BO doffs.


3 DHC, 1 DBB, 3 turrets


TT1, CRF1, BO3, APO3

EPtE1, DEM1/AtD1/AtS1/RSP1, EPtS3


borg deflector
borg engine
elite shield


2 turn +allres, photon point defense
borg, zero point, leach
4 energy type damage

required DOFFs

2 EPtX cooldown damage control doffs, 2 BO penatration doffs, 1 DEM/AtD/AtS/RSP doff

cant go wrong with any of the LT eng option, just depends on what doffs you got so you can get the most out of the slot. for pets you cant go wrong with runabouts, but there is also shield repair drones that pared with EPtS3 make you extreamly hard to kill. you can send them to help an ally too. hell, you could slot ES on this ship in addition to that and support wile your pewpew.
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