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Originally Posted by renimalt View Post
Yeah, I got lazy and didn't put in those tooltips on this widget.

aDPS = actual DPS, calculated from the damage that you're actually doing over that period of time.

bDPS = base DPS, this is what your weapons are dealing before resists.

aDPS/bDPS = actual / base DPS; this is essentially an indicator of if you're firing on weakened targets.

Slider goes from 1s to 60s; this is the time over which you can calculate your DPS/HPS. Once you set it to X seconds, it'll take X seconds for the numbers to be accurate. (i.e. don't set it to 60s, fire a single shot, and expect that to tell you your 60s-DPS.)

Drop-down name list allows you to select players that have been seen in the match. Use the reset button to clear this list.
ah, great. i'll update the description then
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