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09-25-2013, 07:38 PM
Originally Posted by syndonai View Post
Only problem artillery builds like that have is that's all they're good at - shooting stationary things. Throw it in something like SB24 and it's fairly useless, compared to a DHC or beamboat scimitar. Not too great on response intercepting either (other side's probes for example).
um, no

that build has a turn of 17 normally 27 under cloak. and i'm planning to swap out the ZPM console in favor of another fleet rcs with more res. as it is now, there is nothing i have less than 20% res too. it my be on the slower side so running back and forth isn't the greatest but it doesn't crawl and with tractor beam and gravity well nothing escapes, it dies. targets don't have to be stationary, just slower than your torps, and if there not well, tractor beam or gravity well.. and death ensues.