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Originally Posted by doubleohnine View Post
While mine is using a camera angle no longer available, it WAS a legit camera angle and pure screen shot at one time. Ive seen what demo record can do after watching tons of STOked, and had I known I was up against that tool, I wouldn't have bothered entering. I never got around to using it myself. Yours is a nice photo too.

Mine was early in my Starfleet career. My STO screenshots are still my screen saver. That's my first Excelsior class ship when my first captain was first commanding it. Hitting PrintScreen the moment I did and getting the lights to go off was dumb luck. After seeing I could catch that, Ive tried to replicate it since and its hard to time it when you're actually trying. I had just got my upgraded graphics card, but my bloom setting was a little too high back then. But it works in that shot lit up by a sun, which was actually me passing under a sector space solar system. And the one thing that bugs me is you can see a small ship out in the distance of sector space, kinda killing the tv show illusion that you'd never see another ship seemingly standing still out there as you yourself was at warp.

It was actually my first time using demorecord, though I've known of it. It's pretty handy for taking pics that aren't centered on your character/ship, and I know it's possible to do stuff like remove status icons (buffs, debuffs, etc.), but that shouldn't make it automatically better than an image like yours. All of the difficultly of getting the shot together was trying to get me and two others to perform synchronized maneuvers for many hours.

As for navigational beacons, I try to time it, watching it go a few times, then when I think it's about right I'll repeatedly smack the printscreen key until the moment's passed...and try it again a few more times to make sure I got it >_<

I too was thinking of doing one in sector space with a "warp speed" kind of shot, but it's always so full with others flying around, can never get a clear shot, so lucky to get one with little going on as it is >_O

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