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Originally Posted by sonnikku View Post
I'm finding out now I need the 2 piece bonus for the better turning, the better survival with secondary shields and the ability to keep shields up while cloaked, (which makes sense because when I cloak I go from 90% hull to 0 long after I've made my getaway) but investing $50 for two ships when I already have the tac scim and not getting the value of the three pack is a hard sell.
You don't need any of the consoles to solve your survivability issue, honestly. I bought the 3-pack and frankly I'd have been better off just buying the Scimitar variant and forgetting about the other two, because they're really not worth the cost - though some people love the console set, which is their prerogative.

As is having to shell out for some Valdore console and some Plasmic Leech console. If I had known shelling out this kind of cabbage was necessary just to get the Scimitar optimal I wouldn't have bothered.
The valdore console is perhaps the best value-for-zen item you can purchase from the C-store as a Romulan, because it offers a solid survivability boost for any warbird (don't leave New Romulus without it, IMO). The plasmonic leech you can get from the exchange, and the price is usually quite reasonable. Whilst you would notice the power-level difference between having it and not having it equipped, it's not absolutely mandatory - and can be replaced for free by the MACO shield.

I really don't feel like blowing so much more cash or farming dil for a year just to get one ship in top condition, so at this point I may just cut my losses and move on.
HERE is a link to a relatively low cost scimitar build. You can make it cheaper or more expensive based on your funds, but the core of the build - polaron based with the Jem'Hadar 2-piece bonus (which also boosts insulators) - works very well, as does a pretty standard Aux2Bat boff setup.

If you still feel you're not tanky enough, then put one of the universal consoles in a tactical slot in place of a polaron phase modulator, and grab yourself another field generator or neutronium console (I'd go for the field generator personally, but it's up to you).

A few notes on the singularity core: you don't HAVE to have a fleet one (it's just better if you do), so if you're looking for a regular one I would suggest field stabilizing for the additional shield power, along with the following suffixes: [SingC] [res] [W->S] if you can get them all together on the same core without paying a fortune. If you need it to be cheaper, then a rare core with either [SingA] or [SingC] and [res] would be perfectly adequate.

One of the biggest boons of flying a beamboat Scimitar is that you can keep moving continually, gain the benefit of additional defence, and you've typically got a lot more time to deal with those annoying heavy plasma torps that borg like to blast you with. You can also react faster to switch your broadside facing, if the shield facing your opponent gets shredded and you don't have TT available (can save your bacon occasionally in instances like Crystalline Elite). The turning circle even without the 2-piece console bonus is fine, though if you feel you need a little more turn-rate then getting a fleet neutronium with +turn should do the trick.