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09-26-2013, 09:14 AM
Just my dream of both ships but i think


BO Layout
LtCom Tac
Com engineer
LtCom Science
Lt Enginner

Consoles Layout

Eng 3 (fleet 4)
Sci 3
Tac 3

Its suppose to be the most versatile design and most module ship that starfleet had designed atleast up to its creation so why not reflect that. Make it the Jack of all trades it should have been.

Gal X

Bo Layout

Com Tac
Lt com Eng
Lt Eng
Lt Sci
Ens Uni

Console layout

Eng 3
Sci 2
Tac 4 (fleet 5)

Doubt it'll happen but seeing as its a Dreadnaught and has the biggest gun (phaser lance) in the federation fleet along with the use of cannons think it should have the Bo layout and console layout to reflect its a battleship and not just a explorer that someone slapped a big lance on and some cannons. It'd give the Federation the Cruiser firepower that the romulans got with their Scimatar and has the 5 tac consoles like the Klingons bortas.