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09-26-2013, 10:11 AM
Originally Posted by baudl View Post
they are only better because the game is leaning so much towards the dmg side of gameplay that everything else is secondary (not even)
if tanking would be essential in this game and there were some more engi boff powers to boost dmg, those ships would be gold too.

however, as it is now to call the excelsior and ambassador "better" is fitting, but because the gameplay is so much focused on tac powers.

imagine engi boff powers would be as effective at destroying stuff as tac powers...then those ships would be the best cruisers you can get.
engi power have not as goal to replace tactical power, since everyone is complaining that we should not go further into a dps centric game, why would we transform engie power into new tacticals powers?

what next? science to be transform into tactical too?

gecko mention that they are working on a mechanism to enhanced cruiser, i think this is the way to go rather than transforming every engie power into tactical one.