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09-26-2013, 10:09 AM
Jolan'tru! Veisa notht?

I read this thread and the other one and tested some things before posting here.

Some things you need to know about this "Ship Pack":

1- These ships have a great inertial displacement, so it accelerate slowly and stop even more slower. Bare that in mind, It's not a cruiser or a escort, fly this ships is different.

2 - They are focused in dealing damage and killing things, if you bought the pack to create a Tank Build, good luck, because you'll have trouble. Focus it in killing things and you'll have a fun time.

3 - You are a Romulan, you're supposed to be smart, use the battle cloack, ambush your enemy, as you should do with any other warbird, the Scimitar only does crazy amounts of damage, so bare that in mind to. Let your Federation heritage behind, be a Romulan. If you are a Reman, you come from the dark(cloak), you're a warrior, use the dark in your favor.

4 - Put your pride aside, you're better for your team in a ESTF using the cloak, Alpha Strike, them Cloak again, You will stay alive and doing high DPS bursts, killing enemy ships and drawing aggro towards you, instead of your team mates with their escorts.

5 - This ship is not an Odissey(Have I to say anything else about this?)

6 - Batman would use a Scimitar.

Now... about builds... some of my opinions:

A - Beams vs Cannons
Because this ship is better doing high DPS bursts, I'm using DHCs. A Beam Boalt draws too much aggro(those fire at will madness) for low DPS.
I come in range of the target, decloak, boom! Cloak again, circles de fray, decloak and Boom!

B - Console Set
One thing for sure, at least the "Shields while cloak" you HAVE to keep. That's the best advantage of this ship, you can kill a lot of enemys in the middle of the fray, cloak again and move, whitout being killed by High Plasma Torps. The other console I use is the Secondary Shield, it is a very good panic button and the Two Set Bonnus grants a increase in turn Rate.
Cloak Barrage didn't seemed a good one, because after it, your wepaons power drops 50 and if you decloak after using it, the damage bonus is ZERO.

C - Boffs Powers
- Two Tactical Teams is vital to any build on this ship, she is so large that you need to keep the shields balanced and look out for debuffs.
- Auxiliary Power to SIF seems a good one if you have the two set bonus from the Assimilated set and other buffs to your weapons power, so you can put more power on Auxiliary, or just carry a large battery for auxiliary.
- Emergency Power to Shields(At leats one).
- Hazard Emitters
- Distribute Shield Strenght

D - Universal Consoles
I'm using the Valdore Console and the Assimilated one, my next go will be a Leech.

E - Hangar Pets
Well, the Drones are better for STFs, they survive long and could help you a lot with those Spheres. I'm using the Advance ones for now.


- If you're starting with this ship, use the Jem'Hadar Shields and Impulse Engines, then you go for the Rep ones.

- Learn how to fly it, the speed she goes, the time she takes to turn, the time she takes to stop.

- Use the cloak! Learn to mentally know the time the cloak is avaiable again.

If you bought the pack thinking you will have a OP ship that you only need to stay put and fire, you are wrong.
This ships requires dedication and good skills, then she comes to her top performance.

This is only my opinion based on my experience with this ship, feel free to debate.