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Originally Posted by hoovergkmmc View Post
Just completed one. No rewards at all. Nothing. Will test again to see if that repeats.
The event went live at 10AM PDT, 7 minutes before your post. My guess is you were queued up for "Crystalline Catastrophe" and completed that. At 10AM PDT, "Crystalline Cataclysm" became available, and is the queue that will reward the Shard.

Originally Posted by bberge1701 View Post
OK, I have a few questions not covered in the announcement.

Is the old reward of the Crystal Shard space pet still available? I have some Romulan characters "born" after the first run, so they never got a chance to get it.

If so, how many shards to complete its project? If it's 14, like last time, it will be impossible to complete both the old project and the new project.

The Duty Officer pictured is a Federation officer. Am I correct in assuming there will be equivalent officers available for Klingons and Romulans?
The old project is not available any longer. We may consider making a new way to obtain the Shard pet in the future. Please see the linked news post for information pertaining to players who already had it queued up, and information about the new project.

The Duty Officer pictured is the Fed version, but there is an identical KDF equivalent, too. Romulans will gain access to their ally's version.

Originally Posted by gofasternow View Post
...a bonus 1-shard event?! I want to run the old event with the shard pet or should I go with the new one and get the special event?!
Your call! If you complete the old one in enough time, you may be able to start the second one. You won't be able to complete it, but would if we run the event again in the future Maybe just collect the shards in your inventory, see where your at in a couple weeks, and then decide? Just make sure to contribute them before the end date!

EDIT: You do not gain access to the bonus 1-shard project until you complete the new project (the one with the DOFF reward).


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