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09-26-2013, 10:57 AM
The Lobi Elachi console is very impressive even on it's own, with hull HP boost, extra Critical Severity, and Subsystem Disable time (if you have use for such).

If you're running Disruptors on a forward heavy weapons loadout and preferably cannon BOff skills, the Heavy Cannon is nice. Not an epic weapon but at least on par with a DHC, IMO, but with a larger arc.

Two-piece is OK. +7.6% Disruptor damage is low compared to other sets that give an energy type boost, but more damage is more damage and you have a lot of proc options with that base type. The Starship Shields Systems boost only came out to about 400 extra Shield HP per facing on the 1.2 Shield Mod ship (Kar'fi) I have it mounted to with Elite Fleet Resilient Shields, but, again, more is more.

Not tried the torp yet (I might pool Lobi on Redshirt and give it a whirl), so I can't comment on it directly.