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09-26-2013, 11:35 AM
Originally Posted by eradicator84 View Post
You did alter the program though with different startup parameters. Part of the program perhaps but not part of the game.

Having not known about demo record and what it can do, it does feel a bit cheaty especially as Brandon didn't mention it or its legality in the competition post.

Bit of an unfair advantage to those that knew of it imo.
Maybe next time Brandon can mention it in the comps initial post along with the resolution hack.

None the less, great shot! And I can appreciate the amount of effort that went into making it

Lol ty. I agree mine was perhaps the most artistic, but there wasn't really any criteria on what type of shot they're wanting so it's all subjective as to whos was best.
I do love a good space scape, though without any ships in em...

Sorry for the misunderstanding. The rules called for an "original, unaltered in-game screenshot", and using demorecord does not "alter" a screenshot. "Unaltered" referred to not using any photoshopping or image manipulation. We wanted to see actual in-game scenes with no post treatment done to the screen that was taken. I will try to include information about using demorecord to take your screenshot, and clarify what "alterations" are, the next time we run the contest.


Brandon =/\=