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09-26-2013, 11:35 AM
I kind of see a goose in the 1000 day Veteran Romulan ship myself, not a fat pigeon. I still think that my picture of the Ar'kif/Ar'kala looks better. It looks like a bird, SO does the 1000 day Veteran ship, and the Mogai. The t'varo/t'liss can be seen in the 1000 day veteran ship, but not all that much in any other design. I wish for one that the producers of Star Trek would have kept with the t'varo/t'liss or even used the designs from Taldren's Star trek Star Fleet Command, now those look like birds.

Or this design from the Star Trek Starship Combat Simulator (image by *Jetfreak-7)

These designs look more Romulan than the D'Deridax or the Ar'kif, Ar'kala, Dhelan or Dhael Warbirds. The Ha'apax looks more like a "true" Roomulan design (and no fat butt on it).

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