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Originally Posted by captainoblivous View Post
I saw a difference in the lighting on dx11 mode. It looked nicer, more natural than dx9 mode. The windows on ships also look better in dx11. Under dx9 they just look as if they've been pasted on (badly) while under dx11 they seem to fit in with the ship rather better.
Unfortunately, when s7 went live I had to disable dx11 and revert back to dx9 due to performance issues (dx11 is suposedly more efficient than dx9 and should therefore be faster). I began getting lower and less reliable frame rates compared to how it was before s7. Frame rates were lower and the game was stuttering a lot more.

It's a feature that seems to have been worked on for a little while, then abandoned.
Thats actually not STO related, thats related purely to the fact that probably different (and by default often hidden) driver settings like LOD and Anti Aliasing is affecting it. All this 'hidden' settings are acting differently based on DX9 versus DX11, like some are forced in one, or put on auto on the other, and vice versa.

So that explains why DX11 can look different then DX9, better or worse. But like i said, it only requires a special tool that 'unhides' or give you access to these settings (Tools like Nvidia Inspector or the ATI/AMD Equivalent i.e.)

My game looks equally nice as when i set it to DX9 compared to DX11.

You are right about one thing though, DX11 got significantly worse since they released LOR, unfortunately the developers do not acknowledge this problem, I've done different tests on certain areas of the game, and pretty much everywhere my CPU usage almost doubled. I'm pretty sure they messed something up as DX11 was alot more efficient and faster (and less CPU demanding) then after LOR release.

Tried tons of different drivers, the ones i used to use before LoR, no improvement. I hope their DX9ex implementation is at least a bit better when Season 8 hits but I doubt it will be bugless either :C

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