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09-26-2013, 11:42 PM
Warmaker: what you've described is basically how I have an alt's Ambassador set up (slightly adjusted for boff differences), and while its a MUCH better healer and survivor with that setup, I tend to get more more punch with the D'deridex, mostly I think because of the A2B giving me the extra CDs on the tac abilities. (Not that I'm one of those clowns who throws FAW at invincible targets to inflate my numbers; its for use when appropriate) And even the sci stuff, yeah the A2B hurts my heals 1/3 of the time from the crippled aux, but since I'm just a PVEer (nothing but bad experiences and rude people every time I go anywhere near PVP), usually its safe enough to wait 3 seconds to get my aux back for popping sci powers off, and if more urgent than that, thats what batteries are for.

The Gravity Well, yeah not really a huge fan of it either, but it seemed the sensible choice for a multirole ship, but results have been meh. Depending on how S8 adjustments pan out, I may swap the ltcmdrs around so sci becomes PH1/HE2/TSS3, then tac can be TT1/FAW2/APB2 since I won't need APO for a tractor counter. The Extends3 was likewise a compromise choice since I do get a fair bit of use out of it, the DD has speed problems using EWP well (in my hands anyways), don't like RSP (I'm an Eng; I should never BE in that situation), and can't really use Aux2SIF3 when I'm running A2B (and I love that A2B). As for DEM3, Marion is out of my price range, and theres nothing in PVE with enough shielding for DEM to otherwise be much use. So the Extends isn't a huge favorite, but useful and what else would I put in that slot? Heh, despite all that screed though, I did switch the EPTS and EPTW by the logic of "I have Eng Captain powers, the Borg set, and the Valdore console; losing 10% shield hardening is not going to make-or-break me."

On hardware, yeah I was thinking about doing an Emitter Array in place of the Sing Stabilizer, since mostly the Stabilizer is just about getting energy back quickly when I get access to a core with Amp, but its more a compromise than anything. Honestly the main thing holding me up was indecision about getting + or -Th on it, deciding on my role. As far as the Borg set, I consciously went for the Mk11 over the 12, giving up 200 shield points to halve the set cost, but does the Mk12 regen for THAT much more when it procs? Or I could just get a Fleet Adaptive shield and make the whole thing moot.

Its funny in a way; trying to make something that I haven't done on another alt already (10 so far), and I'm ending up with builds that would work best on someone else's ship.

Brody: I appreciate the thought, but swapping up my boffs is out of my price range. I went with regular Operatives instead of Superior because I could do all 5 stations with regular for the cost of a single Superior, and it only cost me 2% on my crth rate. I do make too many alts for my own good (trying every possible combination), which means I have to budget. Thanks though.