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For canon, Galaxy never was a fine starship, and being the faster Enterprise in being replaced doesnt talk very well about its performanceeeebut, we forgot the ships here are retrofited, and Galaxy retrofit should do a fine Eng/Sci bias cruiser with the proper layout.

Also, Cony would make a hell of escort.
"not a fine Starship"?!?

The GCS had the strongets shields, heaviest phasers and in general the most versatile ship Starfleet ever had.

The Sov. was introduced (in universe) as a substitution to the Excelsior, but it is not even in the same weight class as a GCS. (Sov and Excel even look almost the same.)

To say the GCS wasn't a fine ship is the biggest understatement ever.
Seriously i suggest you should familiarize yourself with the matter first, before making such statements.
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