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Combat Log -- Stardate: 91343.69

Following information that fell into our possession, we investigated was reported as a derelict Borg cube emitting strange readings.

A rival Klingon house seemed also to be making a bid for control of the cube ... as well as elements of both the Tal Shiar and rogue Starfleet.

Let us say that we secured surrounding space before boarding and investigating the cube.

Examination of a fallen drone revealed that they had fallen prey to a plaque of nanites that attacked them like a virus.

Samples were collected as well as various bits of equipment, including the ship?s transwarp coils before the Borg ship seemed to adapt to the nanite infestation.

The problem? ? The adaptation left the Borg drones in more of a state of uncontrolled rage.

Our awayteam had to fight our way through the ship to disable the field preventing our evac to our ship.

Once back aboard our ship, I made the only realistic choice left to me in that moment.

We destroyed the cube to keep this infection ... and adaptation ... from making it back to the general collective as it would have made our hated enemy all the worse.


? Gen. Hauk

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