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09-27-2013, 09:04 AM
Originally Posted by iconians View Post
Bilateral symmetry is aesthetically pleasing. That being said, there is artistic merit in having only one of the impulse engines have that particular engine trail. The Borg set is not designed to be aesthetically pleasing.

The Borg technology from the set is not designed to be 'standard issue' from an artistic perspective. It is designed to be a prototype or simply a jury-rigged modification to currently-existing systems. Borg technology and Starfleet/KDF/Romulan technology are far from compatible, and the artistic design of the space set reflects that this is not something carefully designed -- but rather something simply bolted onto the existing hull.

It's my opinion that the Aegis, Omega Force, MACO, and Honor Guard sets were the next logical step in actually creating something entirely new -- based on proven performance from things like the Borg set (which is why they share certain qualities), while the Borg set remains distinct as using strictly Borg technology without fabricating it to be in line with traditional ship appearances.

While I don't disagree it seems irksome if you're used to bilateral symmetry, I do disagree that from an artists' perspective it needs to be changed. This is equipment that you are, for lack of a better term, experimenting and testing. One impulse engine lacking the modifications can be seen as a baseline for whatever systems that are on the second engine.

And to be perfectly honest, due to the risky nature of the Borg technology working on your ship... I'm not exactly willing to give control of both impulse engines to Borg technology I'm experimenting with.
Actually, between the names of the equipment, the name of set, and the visuals I'm pretty sure they wanted to evoke the idea that the ship in question was partially assimilated, not that you've been playing with experimental tech.