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I have been playing on line games since they came out. Grinding Kills games. When you have to grind, you don't get to actually enjoy the games story lines, and to do other things you may enjoy. I have seen way to many Great games go south because of the grind. I hope the suits realize it will be more profitable for them to kill the grind, so people will buy more Zen and Dl. This is something they will understand, kill the grind, increase profit margins, that's what they understand. I can't stand playing nay more, three feds, two roms, one Klingon. I am bored, and it's work to play the grind, that's when I call it quits, when a game is no longer enjoyable, and it becomes work. If they are going to keep it a grind, make it like the roms. At least you get a planet, dailies, and PVE marks. So there is some diversity there. It's still a grind, but it is not as bad. they should do that for every all the reps if they are going to keep it a grind. they actually need to play the game. I would love to be their boss, I would be like, ok, get to level 50, grind out two reps to t5 then you can go home LOL!