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09-28-2013, 05:11 PM
(For nitpickers, all this is based on a single character - yeah, I know, most people have more than one character on their account.)

I can see the points regarding the Zen Stipend and can agree with that - though I'm not sure I'd be willing to save up for something like sixteen months all my dilithium to convert to zen for an LTS, even with all the bonuses, in the first place...


I'm not even sure a monthly membership, bought with Zen would be advantagous - it would take most of the month to save up enough Zen by way of exchanging dilithium to be able to afford it, you'd basically have to actually work the game to keep your membership up.

I don't know, someone feel free to check my math;

base price (300 for the LTS, 15 for monthly), times one hundred to reach the Zen Store price (using the same basic method they used for the Legacy Pack), times 130 as the average cost per zen in dilithium, divided by 8000, which is the maximum refinable dilithium per day per character. I got 487.5 days for an LTS and 24 days for a monthly.