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09-28-2013, 11:05 PM
The Ha'akona and Fleet Ha'apax are a wonderfully flexible ship for Engineers. The Universal LtCdr BOFF station lets you configure this ship to a pretty wide group of builds. For me, the 2 most immediate formats are using the Universal as TAC or ENG.

With the TAC route, you can have LtCdr, Lt, and Ens TAC stations, while having a very hefty Cmdr ENG station to back that firepower up. Put the ship into Assault mode, and you're flying an Escort with a helper.

With the ENG route, you have the typical ENG heavy Cruiser format with full survival benefits and Assault Cruiser-like TAC BOFF stations.

For me, I went with TAC and flew this thing in Assault Mode all the time with my ROM ENG