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09-28-2013, 11:34 PM
Congratulations to the Devs for the long-due solution.

Now, I don't want to polemize, but a disclaimer is harshly needed.

I do not refer to the "solution" of the task manager, which I tried many times long ago with NO results

I refer to the fact that,

while even a uninstall and reinstall now with Steam (via which I'm now playing and will) did not resolve,

yesterday all of the sudden the launcher gave the "auto-update" message and with some MBs of code,

it finally, after so many time of total neglicence, returned on my screen.

Now, I said I don't want to polemize and I will keep true and won't do it, so I'll pass on the TIME matter.

I want to see the good part of it, so, without any irony, CONGRATS to the team and THANK you.

A couple little suggestions however are as much needed and, I hope, welcome:

(1) Whatever you did, PLEASE do NOT mess it.
I can already (fore)see you messing it to "solve" other problems in a vicious circle. You're honing my Jedi skills.

(2) Next time, Please do not take so much time for such an important, and true, fix.
About the rest, please bring back doff system alive as it was prior to dilithium extortion on academy services.

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