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Originally Posted by sonnikku View Post
I don't think I've ever seen a single Romulan core with a "[W->S]" mod or the like (any mod that gives you a percentage of power from one system into another).
Yes they have, take a look on Very Rare Mark XII.

Originally Posted by sonnikku View Post
I certainly wasn't expecting to pound face like never before when buying it. Though it does seem pretty fishy when my Sovereign with no armor or resist console, lower hull rating, lower shield modifiers and slower turn rate dies maybe once every 5 elite borg runs ( usually when I get an awful pug and am carrying the dps with 5 spheres on me and everything is on cooldown), but the scim dies twice, maybe three times an elite conduit run. Something isn't right here, and it's not just the less breathing room with warp core breeches.
After reading all the posts here, you're simply not listening. I have a Scimitar, I'm not full on Borg and Romulan Reputation yet, so my Build is still evolving. I use to die a lot like you are now, but after understanding the way this ship fly and spec my BOFFs right, I die only one or two times in ESFT, only because I lose attention to my Hull and Shield stats.
This is not a Cruiser! Don't expect to fly it like a Cruiser!

This ship decloak, fire like a beast, when aggro rises to much, you cloak and circle the enemy. If you don't like to play like this, well, this is not the ship you want... and... just because you don't like to fly like this, doesn't mean she is a bad ship.

Just for a comparison:
CE Elite Event with Scimitar: Died more than 10 times, but did a lot of damage to the entity.
CE Elite Event with My TAC Odissey: Died 2 times, did average damage.

See the difference?