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09-29-2013, 06:08 PM
Be in pug ISE

Observe scimitar staying under cloak most of the match.

Be carrying the pug, and getting swamped by spheres. Watch teammates die, optional fails, it happens.

But then, the scim pilot starts running his mouth about how bad your DPS is. Parsing while we play I am at 9125, he is at a laughable 1834 (mostly due to the fact he hasnt shot a damn thing since the first transformer went down 5 minutes previous)

Banter back and forth, etc.

Blow gate, aggro tac cube. No points in threat or any consoles with threat on them.

Scimitar decides to try to prove how badass he is

Watch aggro never leave me. Observe ACT and see my dps vs cube is 16500 while his is about 5000.

Have much lolz.
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