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09-29-2013, 09:12 PM
Personally, I prefer the Eng version over the Tact.

More flexible slot layout & seems to last a lot longer if the proverbial hits the fan!! A dead ship does zero DPS!!

It's true that to get the most from the ship, you need to play the "Sneaky, Sneaky" game

Front cannon wise, I prefer the single cannons over the dual as it gives me more of Shooting area for when I screw up the power slide de-cloak but that's more in PvP than PvE!
Yep, it doesn't do as much DPS but the firing arc is wider so I find I'm hitting the target more anyhow.. sort of a balancing act.

The biggest annoyance I find with any version of this ship is my crew only seem to last a few minutes & then they're all dead & that's after taking only a couple of hits That's one I'm still working on without trying to gimp the overall setup I use.

Hanger wise, I prefer to keep them docked up until needed or they have a habit of buggering off & doing their own thing! Many a time I've forgot to recall them in either a PvE or PvP map right at the start, they disappear off the o/v, only for them to re-appear near the end of the encounter.. Who knows what they've been up to!! lol
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