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Originally Posted by iconians View Post
CBS Studios says no. Cryptic had to alter a lot around launch due to their concerns that unrestricted customization took away the immersion. We used to have the off-duty color palette for regular uniforms, for instance. But there were a lot of eyesores and CBS Studios said to restrict the color palette, so they did. Similarly we were able to colorize our phasers to a large spectrum of colors, but CBS Studios stepped in and said that energy weapon colors had to remain consistent.

Regardless of anyone's opinions on "That's stupid, because we still have X and Y. And they take away immersion!", it's their intellectual property and it doesn't matter what we think.

This is also why certain alien species only have access to particular hairstyles. The character editor has the ability to do a lot more than it currently does, but it's largely up to CBS Studios to decide what is allowed and what isn't.

This is why we'll never get unrestricted character editing.
Wow, so I'm assuming this is out of the question in the game itself?
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