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09-29-2013, 11:06 PM
Originally Posted by neo1nx View Post
engi power have not as goal to replace tactical power, since everyone is complaining that we should not go further into a dps centric game, why would we transform engie power into new tacticals powers?

what next? science to be transform into tactical too?

gecko mention that they are working on a mechanism to enhanced cruiser, i think this is the way to go rather than transforming every engie power into tactical one.
I agree.

I would rather see a new mechanic added, maybe something similar like the Romulan singularity cores abilities, just more Starfleet -like.
Able to charge and become stronger the higher the charge, you get the idea.

Some abilities could be a special tow tractor beam, unlike the static "you can't move anymore" tractor beam we having STO.
Or they could add a Phaser Beam array discharge, as seen numerous times on TV.
(unlike BO it wouldn't drain Weapons energy)
Another thing would be to add a "360 degrees Torpedo Spread" ability, the higher the "charge" the more torpedoes get fired.
They could add a "extend shields" ability, or a improved "polarize hull" which both grant a better damage resistance.

There are numerous possibilities doable with such a mechanic alone. I think no one wants Engineering turned into a Science 2.0 or a weak tactical copy.

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