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09-30-2013, 11:10 AM
A brief explanation...

First, yes, this is the correct forum for posting fan-fic.

Consider the title. Ten Forward is a place where patrons can swap stories. In other words, fan-fic.

It is also a place for the... less formal discussions that happen. You could even replace the words "less formal" with "strange" or "humorous" and probably not be too far off. Still, we generally expect the content here to be at least tangentally relevant to the STO community. Star Trek, science fiction, gaming, the community itself, etc.

Star Trek Online General Discussion on the other hand is "strictly" for discussion about Star Trek Online that doesn't fit in a better forum. We can debate the definition of "strictly" and it may not be all that consistent, but that's what it's supposed to be for.

There is a sub-forum underneath Ten Forward called the Captains' Table that is set aside for interactive roleplaying through the forums. You're welcome to suggest to the Community Manager that perhaps fan-fic belongs there as well.

The Devs don't want too many forums and sub-forums. There are already a lot of them and you've got an uphill battle to convince BranFlakes to add more. Juggling them a bit, though, that might be doable.
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